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Prayer Requests

Please join Kelly and Kim in praying for the needs and requests of our fellow boaters and community:


Please Join Us In Praying For...

We are praying for someone who reached out to us for prayer for their daughter. We believe God hears and answers these cries on behalf of those we pray for. He is the ultimate Healer and knows all the details. He can work wonders and create beauty out of the ashes.

We're praying for those affected by the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. and other disasters. People can pull together like never before during these times. Good prevails through it all.

Someone new to our Pickwick Family has asked for prayer for their family member. We are joining y'all in prayer for healing and forgiveness for all involved.

A customer whose cancer has returned. We are believing God to use even this for good in her life and her family's life.

The families and friends of Carey Downs and Jeremie Floyd. These men will be greatly missed around Pickwick. We want to continue to lift their loved ones in prayer as they deal with this sudden tragic loss.


The safety of residents and visitors to Pickwick Lake during this season.


Our veterans and their families, both past and present. We want to honor and remember their service for our highly valued freedom.


Jay and Cher Harrison, whose 21 year old son, Colby, died in a car accident December, 2013. The Outpost is their bait shop, old country store, restaurant, and ministry.


An unspoken request from a valued SBS customer. We trust that God knows the need, and we are thankful to join in prayer with this special request.


Our country, the great United States of America, and our leaders from the White House to local government. May we all remember that this country was founded on the firm belief: IN GOD WE TRUST. 


My niece Louise Krylowicz as she fights her battle of Lymphoma.

***Update: Loiuse is cancer free as of March, 2014! Thank You Jesus!!!

Submitted by: Melissa Krylowicz

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