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Summerizing and Detailing (with prices)

Please contact our office to turn in your work order with 57 Service.

Be sure to tell us the location of your keys. Thank you!


____ Please summerize my boat or watercraft.  This service consists of charging the battery or batteries, checking all fluids, starting engine on water muffs, checking for any water leaks, loose hoses, and loose plugs.  We flush antifreeze out of manifolds and block, and check the volume of water that the water pump is pumping through the engine.  We check air pressure in tires, grease buddy bearings, trailer jack, and boat wench.  We add fluids and air, and repair minor problems.  The cost of this service is $40.00 + tax per engine.

____ Please summerize my boat’s Fresh Water System.  This service consists of flushing antifreeze out of fresh water holding tank, sink, shower, head, and/or porta potty.  We add waste chemicals to porta potty and fill up the water reservoir.  We flush out the water system three times and fill up fresh water tank.  We check and repair loose hoses and fittings and clean water filters.  The cost of this service starts at $30.00 + tax.  The cost is determined by the size of the fresh water system and the time it takes to assure a quality job.

____ Please summerize the Ballast System on my ski boat.  This service consists of flushing antifreeze out of the ballast system and checking pumps and hoses for leaks.  The cost of this service starts at $25.00 + tax per pump.  Additional cost is determined by repairing damage to ballast system.

____ Please summerize my boat’s generator and/or A/C unit.  This service consists of checking oil, checking for leaks, and checking out the water cooling system.  We start up and flush antifreeze out of the cooling system.  We repair minor problems with the system.  The cost of this service starts at $30.00 + tax and is determined by the size and amount of time for system service.

____ Please Wash/Wax/Detail my boat.  This service consists of a thorough cleaning and waxing of entire boat and cleaning boat cover.  The cost of this is determined by the size and condition of the boat.  Additional costs may occur if we have to shampoo carpet or remove very bad mildew staining, and/or remove yellow water stain from hull.

____ Please Acid Wash my toons on my pontoon.  This service consists of removing boat from trailer, cleaning off all algae, acid washing toons and outdrives, and replacing boat back on trailer. The cost for this service is determined by the size and condition of the pontoon.

____ Please wash outside of my boat and cover.  This service consists of washing outside only, drying, cleaning windows, and washing cover.  The cost of this service is determined by the size and condition of the boat.

____ Please check my Prop or Props for damage and send off to have reworked, if needed.  Cost for rebuilt prop starts at $95.00 + tax for aluminum and $150.00 + tax for stainless steel.


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